About our Pastors

For over 40 years God has been preparing Wes and Bobbie Walton for this season in their lives. It started at Lone Tree Bible Ranch located in southeast Wyoming with building and directing a summer youth camp. There, they experienced church planting, international missions and speaking in numerous venues including Cowboy Church on the road. They’ve experienced church-life, missionary-life, cowboy-life and camp-life, but nothing like a life filled with the very Spirit of God that they enjoy now. The Father has harnessed these two people together with different gifts and abilities for His Glory.

Wes preaches with a style that is easy and unique to him. As one lady put it, “Thank you for faithfully PREACHING the word of God in a way we all can HAVE a word from God.” When you hear Pastor Wes speak a message there can be no doubt about his relationship with God. He presents the gospel with excitement, fun and a heart full of love for both God and the people. His friendliness and compassion are contagious and the atmosphere is reflective of this.

Pastor Bobbie prepares the Praise & Worship for the church. She balances Hymns and modern contemporary music as well as the occasional band or singer. This time in the service prepares the heart to receive and can be powerful. Her desire is for everyone to experience the presence of the Lord through genuine praise and worship. She will also preach on occasion and she speaks at women’s retreats.

Pastors Wes and Bobbie were both World Champions in the arena world where they held Cowboy Church services all across the United States. God laid it on them to plant a church for the cowboys in 2011 in Wickenburg Arizona, a town that has become known as the Roping Capital of the World. Thousands come here each winter from Alaska, Canada, and all across the northern states from Washington to Michigan. Fire Rock Church has now become home to people from every walk of life, cowboys, office workers, law enforcement, stay at home moms and youth. From 100 year olds to brand new infants, it’s not just for cowboys these days. That being said, it’s the local people of the community that attend year round and are the foundation that keeps everyone connected while miles apart through the prayer chain and friendship. The Historic Saguaro Theater location is a non-threatening place where people can feel the presence of God and experience HIS Salvation and Healing. Pastor Wes speaks God’s Word in real language people can relate to and plenty of illustrations that bring the message home. The people in here are happy and have license to laugh! The Pastors keep it real in Jesus, not religion. Fire Rock Cowboy Church has people from many denominations and we are all getting along. We will not judge nor will we be condescending to anyone. We preach the Word of God, believe in the works of the Holy spirit and know Jesus is our Lord and Savior.