I have known Wes for a couple years before the summer of 2012, but not very well, and have always thought of him as being born about 100 years too late. To me he has always resembled a cowboy from the old wild west. I learned this summer that Wes and Bobbie have hearts as big as the Wild west!

Wednesday, July 4th, the leader of my small group bible study texted me, wanting me to go to The Ranch with them that evening to hear Doug Stanton. I replied that I was not going to make it as I had been glued to my recliner, gritting my teeth all day with back pain. I had injured my back a couple months before this, and the doctors and neurologists could not do anything but give me pain medication and muscle relaxers. A lot of mornings I did not even want to get out of bed because the pain was so severe. So here I sat on the 4th of July in unbearable pain when I should have been out celebrating with friends and family.

I went to The Ranch the following Friday night as I was having a rare “better day” with my back pain. Doug had an altar call and everyone stepped up, so I followed the popular choice not really wanting to receive prayer. During a lull in the prayers, teachings and miracles at the altar, Doug said ” There is some one here with lower back pain”. That was my signal to hide, as I am not one to be in the spotlight. As I was tip toeing backwards away from Doug, trying to make my 6 foot frame shrink to a 4 foot frame, that is when I noticed several friends that are part of my small group looking me in the eyes as one of them said, “Greg, that’s you”. I then realized that I was not going to escape the “Hand of God”, so I stepped up to receive prayer from Doug, Wes and others standing around me. I was immediately overcome with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Moments later, Doug turned back to me and asked me to bend over as to not hurt myself. I thought to myself, God, I know and believe that you can heal my back so I am going to bend over like I have the body of a teenager and trust that it won’t hurt me. I bent over touching my toes and as I straightened back up my back cracked several times loud enough that everyone heard it. I was totally pain free!

The next morning, I sprang from my bed at 5:30 am, grabbed my dog and her leash and went out the door on a 5K run. I hadn’t done that for months.

Not only was I healed, but Doug had taught us how to be an instrument for the Holy Spirit in praying for healings for others. In the following months, I have prayed for healings for many others with back pain and have seen the miracles of healing in their lives as well, performed by the Hand of God and the touch of His Holy Spirit.

Thank you so much Wes and Bobbie, for bringing in Doug and Karen and allowing Wyoming to be part of so many blessings. Thanks for allowing your Ranch be the Spotlight in the middle of Eastern Wyoming.

Love you guys, and am so excited and looking forward to much much more that God has in store for you at The Ranch.