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There are many attractions to visit in Wyoming. Also known as The Cowboy State or Equality State, Wyoming was the first State to honor women’s votes. With an area of 97,914 square miles and a population of approximately 564,000 people, Wyoming is the 9th largest State in the Union. However, it ranks as 50th as the least populated according to the 2010 census.

A few other interesting facts:

  • State capital is Cheyenne
  • Tallest peak is Gannett Peak at 13,804’
  • State mammal is the Bison as represented on Wyoming’s flag
  • State bird is the Meadowlark
  • State tree is the Cottonwood
  • State flower is the Indian Paintbrush
  • State dinosaur is the Triceratops

While at The Ranch consider visiting Wyoming’s:

Cultural Heritage: As you visit The Ranch, consider a trip through or within Wyoming’s many archaeological and historic sites. All are open to the public. Be sure to visit the nearby historical wagon wheel ruts of the Oregon Trail and marvel at the sheer will and determination the settlers had to have just to move forward a couple miles each day. Or visit nearby Register Cliff which was signed and dated by travelers crossing the country. See rock art, frontier forts, historic battlefields, mammoth kill sites, the Medicine Wheel and more.

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National Parks: Within Wyoming’s borders are Yellowstone National Park and Devils Tower. You might decide a 3 hour drive over to South Dakota to visit the famous Mount Rushmore Monument and the Crazy Horse Monument. If you feel like a longer drive, just four hours north is the Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana where General George Custer and the 7th Cavalry made their last stand in 1876. Fort Phil Kearny at the famous Bozeman Trail can also be seen on the way to the Battlefield.

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Rodeos: A rodeo is Wyoming’s greatest pastime. That must be why the “Bucking Horse” is the symbol most used to portray Wyoming. The “Grand Daddy of ’em all” is the Cheyenne Frontier Days. Cowboys from all across North America come to ride for the gold and buckle here. The Wyoming State Fair is less than 30 miles from The Ranch.

Ranch Rodeos are also in abundance and just a bit more wild!

State Parks & Historical Sites: Along with Wyoming’s cultural heritage, there are several State Parks and Historical sites in Wyoming, western Nebraska and western South Dakota within driving distance of The Ranch. Sites less than 50 miles include Ayres Natural Bridge, Fort Fetterman and Glendo Reservoir to name a few. Glendo Reservoir State Park is a recreational paradise just 5 miles down the road where boaters, fishermen and water sports enthusiasts enjoy its sandy beaches and clear water. Guernsey Reservoir State Park and Edness Kimball Wilkens State Park are also with short drives from The Ranch. For more information visit: Wyoming –;

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