PRAISE GOD! We have had a wonderful couple from our Fire Rock Church family who has offered their new covered arena for Easter service.

We do have mandatory restrictions in place for this service due to the complications of Covid-19. We look forward to possibly having more services like this until we can get back into the theater, but more services will only be possible if we ALL do what is asked. There are no exceptions for any person.

The following is what is being asked of each one of us who choose to attend Easter morning service; No one will be allowed out of his or her vehicles, for any reason. No shaking hands and obviously it will be impossible for us to hug each other. So in other words, there will be no physical contact. We will have preselected a couple of people to help park all of the vehicles. During the parking process please do not have any physical contact with the people parking you.

Wes and I ask for respect towards Dan and Mari who have offered us a place to gather. We ask for respect towards Fire Rock Church and the church’s reputation that we all have worked hard to build and maintain in our community. We ask for respect toward the health and wellness of each and every one of our brothers and sister in Christ. We ask for respect toward our President and the experts who are advising him in the guidelines to “slow the spread”. This will be a great test to see if we can keep our distance and hands to ourselves. Wes and I have very much felt the hurt from being separated from you all during this social distancing.

We believe that our church family will respect the above restrictions because of the love that we have always shown towards each other. If you do not feel you can adhere to the above limitations or if you are feeling ill, please restrain from attending the service.

Pastors Wes & Bobbie

Take Highway 93 towards Las Vegas, Go past the Highway 89 exit to Congress (you must also go over the railroad overpass), turn right onto Quail Run (this is the first right hand turn after the highway 89 exit and tracks) go approximately ½ mile on Quail Run, turn right at the LARGE covered arena on.

10:00 A.M. April 12, 2020 bring your own coffee and snacks!